Phone Words are unforgettable


It goes without saying, that words are far more memorable than traditional telephone numbers.  Using a Phone Word creates a powerful and memorable media campaign.  It multiplies advertising and marketing efforts of a business. 


Phone Words instantly tell your customers “who you are” or “what you do.”


More calls, more sales, more profit


Phone Words have been proven to increase the responses rates to advertising by as much as 14 times. This level of increase in telephone calls to your business will result in substantial sales growth and increase in market share.


Our client Mortgage Choice Limited launched their phone word in February 2007 and experienced an increase of new sales leads of 1%, every week!!!  Contact us for the media release.


Increase response rates to your advertising


 Independent research conducted by Roy Morgan Research and D&M research shows Phone Words outperform numerical equivalents by the following results:

  • 14 X more calls in Radio advertising

  • 6  X more calls in Print Advertising

  • 5  X more calls in TV advertising



Improve your internet and SEO ranking


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the methods used to boost the ranking or frequency of a website in results returned by a search engine.


The first step in SEO is to generate “keywords” that are relevant to your site's content. As an example, if you had secured the Phone Word 1300 FISHING and matching domain, the generic term “fishing” in Google search would see improved results.




Build a business around your brand


Your Phone Word is an asset to your business, and as its value increases so does the value and goodwill of your business. Many companies have built entire businesses around a phone word and matching domain match branding strategy, including:


Call 1300 HOMELOAN  

Call 1800 APPROVED     


Lock out your competition


As phone words are so memorable, utilising them in all your marketing campaigns eliminates the need for your potential customers to go “searching” for your details via the internet. This significantly reduces the likelihood of your potential customer calling your competition, when they actually wanted to call you. And by securing your ideal phone word before your competition does, you eliminate the chance of it used against you!


Number portability


As most businesses experience growth, they will have a requirement to move to a new site location or open a new office. Traditional telephone numbers are restricted to the position of the local telecommunications exchange.


As Phone Words are portable, marketing dollars invested in printing and signage etc. remain as is and can be used by the new office locations anywhere in Australia!


Keep track of all incoming calls


Phone Words can generate call tracking reports providing detailed and complete information regarding your incoming calls.  This way you can easily figure out the location of your callers, time of day and in which markets your business is excelling in.


Increase your referral business


Referral business by word of mouth is one of the best forms of lead generation. By using a quality Phone Word, referrals are much easier to communicate and also eliminate the need of your prospective customer to search for you online or in the Yellow Pages, where they may end up calling someone else.


Advertise anywhere and everywhere


 By securing a valuable phone word and matching domain for your business, you will increase the ROI for your marketing budget by communicating a consistent message, whether it is:


letterheads - business cards - brochures - flyers - uniforms - outdoor billboards - radio - television - print media - newspapers - internet - Google Ad Words - Yahoo - promotional merchandise etc.


IP Australia - Quality Endorsed Product


On the 3rd September, 2009, IP Australia via the Registrar of Trademarks presented members of the Australian Phone Word Association "Effectiveness Certification" to certain types of Phone Words, identifying that these types of Phone Words are a Quality Product by increasing the recall of their phone number, increasing the effectiveness of their marketing communications and reinforcing their brand name or nature of the products and services they provide.

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