Frequently Asked Questions

Phone Words Smartnumbers Inbound 1300 & 1800 numbers

What are Phone Words?

A Phone Word is simply a telephone number that spells a word by using the corresponding letters on your telephone keypad.

Phone Words are also called “Smartnumbers”, “Phone Names”, “Keywords” and “Vanity Numbers” in Australia and around the world.


Phone Words are used to create unforgettable business brands which make it very easy for customers to remember and recall when they are thinking of buying a particular product or service.


How do I dial a Phone Word?


To dial a Phone Word, simply press the corresponding key on your telephone keypad for the letter you are after.  As an example and looking at your phone keypad, 13 CABS would be dialled by pressing 1 3 C A B S (13 2227).


How many letters can a Phone Word have?


All Phone Words have a common prefix, which starts with either 13, 1300 or 1800.

1300 and 1800 prefix Phone Words can have between 6 and 10 letters after the prefix

(eg. Call 1300 TELEBRAND = 1300 835327)

13 prefix Phone Words can have between 4 and 8 letters after the prefix (eg. Call 13 MORTGAGE = 13 6678)


What is the difference between a 13, 1300 and 1800 number?


13 numbers are comprised of six digits in total, being the 13 (prefix) followed by a further four digits.  These numbers tend to be used by larger national companies, or smaller businesses wanting to look larger than they are.  Customers can call a 13 number from any landline in Australia for the cost of a local call.  Due to the limited amount of 13 numbers available, they attract an annual government number charge. The 13 service is known as a Local Rate service and an example would be 13 BANK (National Australia Bank).


1300 numbers are comprised of 10 digits in total, being the 1300 (prefix) followed by a further six digits. Like 13 numbers, these numbers allow your customers to call you from a fixed line telephone service anywhere in Australia for the cost of a local call.  1300 numbers do not attract the significant annual government tax that 13 numbers do. This service is also called a Local Rate service and an example would be our client 1300 DEBTOR (Scottish Pacific Business Finance).


1800 numbers are comprised of 10 digits in total, being the 1800 (prefix) followed by a further six digits. This type of service allows your customers to call you from a fixed line telephone anywhere in Australia free of charge.  This service is referred to as a Free Rate service and an example would be 1800 HEALTH (Sanitarium Foods).



How can the Phone Word be longer than the actual telephone number?


All Phone Words have a primary set of prefix numbers at the beginning of each Phone Word (13/1300/1800).

1300 and 1800 numbers all must contain 6 numbers after the prefix, and all 13 numbers must have 4 numbers following.

A Phone Word can be longer than the actual telephone number because once the last digit is pressed, the call is automatically connected. The telecommunications provider disregards any additional numbers pressed after the minimum for the prefix. 


What happens to my existing telephone number?

Nothing, and it will be business as usual.  Once you connect and start using your new Phone Word, your 13/1300/1800 Phone Word will be redirected towards your existing telephone number, whether it’s a fixed line, mobile etc.  Even if you decide to move, or open up new offices you can take your Phone Word with you, known as “number portability.”


Do I need a new line or equipment to be connected?

No.  All calls are directed automatically via the telecommunications carrier provider to your existing phone number.


Which companies are using Phone Words?


35,000 Australian companies have already secured their ideal Phone Word for their business.

9 out of the 10 biggest advertisers in Australia are using Phone Words including NAB, Coke, Telstra, Office Works, Coles and Government Departments to name a few.


Are my customers aware of the Phone Word concept?

Independent research conducted by Roy Morgan Research indicated that 93% of Australians are aware of the Phone Word concept. To see the complete research report including methodology, sample size, questionnaire and results, please contact us by calling 1300 TELEBRAND.


What is the best Phone Word for my business?


There are three basic types of Phone Words, being:


Brand Name Phone Word  
Industry Phone Word         
Call 1300 WINERY
Generic Phone Word              
Call 1300 MUSCLE

Generally speaking, the more popular and bigger the market for the particular Phone Word, the more value it has to the business.

As an example, 1300 TELEBRAND is only relevant to our business, however if you operate a winery, 1300 WINERY would be perfect for your business, as well as hundreds of your competitiors!!!


Industry Phone Words like 1300 WINERY are referred to as “category killers”, and because Phone Words are finite resources it is very important to secure yours before the competition does!


How can another business have secured a Phone Word that spells my company name?


This sometimes occurs because there is no direct correlation between an underlying telephone number and Phone Word.  There are between 3 or 4 letters on every telephone number key (except for the 0 and 1 keys) and as such, any number will spell from 729 to 4,096 different letter combinations.


As an example, the telephone number 1300 825368 spells the Phone Word 1300 TALENT and 1300 VALENTINE.

As such, no business has exclusive rights to a number that may spell their company name.


How much does a Phone Word cost?


The cost of a Phone Word will vary, depending on the Phone Word chosen.


In order not to have an impact on your business cash flow, Phone Words are licenced on an affordable monthly basis.  Prices are fixed, on 3, 4 or 5 year agreements. At the end of the agreement period, you have the first option to continue using your Phone Word for a further term.


Please contact us by calling 1300 TELEBRAND for further information. 


How can I be sure that all of my calls in my shared use area are connected to my business?

We partner with most of the big telecommunications providers in Australia and the network technology ensures all calls destined for your area are directed to your business.


Can I choose my own telecommunications provider?


Yes.  You can choose your own telecommunications carrier or we can recommend a specialist inbound telephony provider.


Can I incorporate Phone Words in my Social Media marketing?


You can certainly add Phone Words to your Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter accounts to further enhance your business image and improve web traffic to your site.


Is it possible to conduct SMS Marketing with my Phone Word?


Yes.  It is now possible for your customers to contact you on your Phone Word via SMS text messaging.


Can I dial a Phone Word from my Blackberry (QWERTY keypad)?

Yes. To dial a Phone Word, enter the desired prefix (13/1300/1800), press the ALT key and then type in the word.  Holding down the ALT key will convert the number into the required letter.


Are other countries using Phone Words around the world?


Phone Words are being used in many countries around the world, especially in the USA (“Vanity Numbers”) where they have been around for over 40 years. Other countries where Phone Words are being used include the United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, UAE to name just a few.